Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Steps to reduce the risk of heart diseases

To reduce the risk of heart diseases, physical exercise is mandatory. Here are some of suggestions.

1)Unglue the bum out of your comfortable seat and do some exercise.

2)Take stairs to 10th floor instead of using a lift.

3)Instead of going shopping by a car, just walk or cycle.

4)Limit the time spent on the coach watching TV, instead, either engage in trimming the fence, cutting grass or playing with kids.

4)Banish the customary mentality of mature men and women are not supposed to be seen running. Take a few runs around the estate every day, either in the morning or evening.

5)Visit your relative on foot if they live nearby. Walk to church etc.

6)Finally, as a last option, join the gym not as a show of how loaded you are, by as a means to physical fitness for the sake of health.