Thursday, 23 January 2014

Reishi ,HIV,Fibroid and other Benefits.



1. For treatment of infection

2. Virus

3. Stable blood pressure

4. Anti HIV Allergies

5. Female Infertility

6.Shrinks Fibroid without surgery 

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Nephritis (Inflammation of Kidney),

Allergy - An abnormally high acquired sensitivity to certain substances, such as drugs, pollens, or microorganisms, that may include such symptoms as sneezing, itching, and skin rashes.

Carcinoma, Hypertension and Hypotension, Poor Immune System, HIV Support, Malignant Cancer

Fibroid - A fibroma or myoma occurring especially one that occurs in the uterine wall.

Anti-toxin (Detoxifier) - To counteract or destroy the toxic properties of a substance or to make a poisonous substance harmless or to overcome the effects of a poison.

Important: Unlike most other medicinal mushrooms, which can be eaten cooked, reishi have a tough texture that is difficult for our stomachs to digest. Therefore, if you're interested in utilizing reishi as a medicine, consider consuming it in extract form (like in the studies) for improved nutrient absorption.

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