Friday, 10 January 2014

Benefits Of Good Sleep

How you feel when you wake up tells a lot about the night you had as well as the day to come. Sleep makes you feel better in a lot of ways, but its magnitude is much more as it livens up your mood and gets rid of those antagonizing dark circles. "It is better to prevent rather than to repent" and ample amount of sleep is a very important part of your everyday life and can benefit your mind along with the heart. Sleep resembles more of a car parked in a garage at night and being taken out the next morning, but the significance of it is much more than that. In fact researches have pointed out the health benefits associated with sleep and advocate each and every individual to follow it

1. Improves memory-

If you are trying to learn something new on the physical or mental front, you learn it better with practice. But with sleep something happens better that helps you to learn it a bit faster. In short if you are trying to learn something new, then the chances of performing better after sleeping are bound to be high.

2. Living Longer-

Sleep has direct impact on the quality of life. Too much or too less sleep is associated with shorter life span, although it is still not clear that there is a cause effect relation involved here. Many things which we take for granted in our life are affected by sleep. The simple message is “ If you sleep better you have higher chances of living”

3. Ability to take informed decisions-

We all have heard of sleeping on a problem with the hope that every morning the solution will be clear. Scientists are of the opinion that even during sleep the brain is working out solutions. A solution is not guaranteed but a good night’s sleep can provide a new approach to the problem.

4. Less chances of falling ill-

Lack of sleep can suppress you immune system which can make you more prone to infections. In the year 2009, a study conducted proved that if one sleeps for less than 7 hours a day the probability of catching cold is all the more high.

5. Be a winner-

If you are an athlete one of the simple ways to improve performance is through sleep. The fatigue factor is reduced to a considerable extent and the stamina at the same time improves.