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Onion Health Benefits - 6 Health Benefits of Onions That You Have To Keep In Mind.

Onions provide relief from various kinds of diseases such as respiratory problems, asthma, cold, cough, and angina. Onion belongs to the lily family and it is often termed as the “king of the vegetables” because of its pungent taste. Varieties of onions are available in different shapes and sizes. They also taste different from each other. The smaller onions come in different varieties, namely scallion and green onions. The former includes shallots, chives, and leeks. It is one of the staple ingredients in culinary delights. The benefits of onion are explained as follows:

Health Benefits of Onion 

• Prevents cardiovascular diseases: 

Onions are a rich source of flavonoids, which prevents cardiovascular diseases. Onions also have a number of sulphides commonly found in garlic that lowers the blood lipids and blood pressure. Studies show that people consuming onions face lesser problems related to levels of triglyceride and bad cholesterol. Onions are truly effective because they contain substances that can suppress the platelet-clumping, and these substances have fibrinolytic activity. 

• Helps in preventing cancer: 

Onion helps to prevent cancer. The anti-oxidant present in onion performs this activity. The anti-oxidant reduces the DNA damage in the blood cells, which are caused by different kinds of free radicals. Variety of studies has proved the above-mentioned point. Like its relatives, leeks, garlic, chives, onions are also rich in organosulphur, which protects the lab animals from cancer. Extracts of onion destroys tumour cells in the test tubes and they arrest the growth of tumour when these tumour cells are implanted in the rats.
These extracts are non-toxic, and thus, cancer prevention becomes one of the most important benefits of onion.

• Sometimes is used as insect repellent: 

At times, onion juice can provide relief against the pain inflicted due to the stinging of a honeybee. Even in case of other insect bites or scorpion bites, onion juice can be used as external application.

• Helps in boosting immunity of the body: 

Another important benefit of onion is that it acts as an immune booster. The pungency of the vegetable increases the circulation of the blood and causes sweating. Onions are purposely consumed in greater quantity in the winter season as it protects against various infections, and reduces fever.

• Anti-septic nature: 

Being anti-septic in nature, onions fight against bacteria such as salmonella, E.coli and others. They are also effective against diseases such as tuberculosis and urinary tract infections like cystitis. 

• Cough treatment: 

Doctors often recommend that patients suffering from cough should consume a mixture of onion juice along with honey. This mixture provides relief against symptoms of cough and sore throat.
Thus, not only is it useful in the kitchen as an important ingredient but also the benefits related to health are equally important.


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